We provide following services

  1. We train different categories of information personnel required for the country.
  2. We provide information services to the users who attend the libraries of different types and sizes through professional support.
  3. We conduct research in the library and information sectors.
  4. We provide Library and Information Science education to all categories of library and information workers.
  5. We conduct seminars, workshops, research and consultancies in the field of library and information science.
  6. We provide counseling services, guidance, suggestions in the policy and other related matters in the field of library and information science
  7. We suggest the concerned authorities for legalized library and information services in the country. 
  8. We produce high skill professional human resources in the field of library and information science
  9. We conduct faculty development programmes for quality education.
  10. We prepare proposals, programmes  and advises to the concerned organizations and government offices  according to their needs and requests for the development information sectors.