Orientation Program for Newly Enrolled Students

March 5, 2023

On 28th February 2023 (Falgun 16,2079), TUCDLIS welcomed the new batch of MLISc., Students (batch 2022) by hosting an interactive orientation program. This program was conducted at Gandhi Bhawan, within TU premises.
The program began with a welcome speech from the Head of the Department, Mrs. Nira Manandhar. She started her welcome and introductory presentation with a short introduction about CDLIS, MLISc. course structure, internal marking systems, and rules of the TU or Department itself.
The introductory and welcome program was then followed by a short introduction of the students. In addition, Former Head of the Department, Associate professor Bhim Dhoj Shrestha, President of Nepal Library Association Mr. Indra Prasad Adhikari, President of TULSSAA Mr. Mahesh Khanal shared their professional experiences and provided tips and guidance for students’ academic success and professional carriers.
Assistant Prof. Lila Nyaichyai, Ph.D. welcomed students with her informational presentation regarding the Website and its various pages, Digital Library, and Digital Repository of the CDLIS. Then, the formal program was concluded by Assistant Prof. Sarita Gautam with a motivational presentation about the importance of writing for academic success and lifelong learning and also introduce CDLIS Bulletin, its purpose, and its importance to the students.

List of Activities

Huge congratulation to Sarita Gautam and Binod Shrestha

Information Technology and Innovation Center, Tribhuvan University, Kirtipur, organized a three-day workshop and training for the implementation of the integrated website entitled "TU Integrated Website". Participants from CDLIS actively participated in the workshop...

28th Annual Day Celebration

The 14th July, 2023 is the 28th annual day celebration. CDLIS has celebrated with full of joy and energy which was accompanied by Rector Shiva Lal Bhusal, Dean Kusum Shakya,Bishnu Aryal, Yadav Niraula, IP Adhikari, Rudra Dulal, Mohan Raj Pradhan, Bhim Dhoj Shrestha,...

Brainstorming on Book Writing

Two writers Mr. IP Adhikari and Ashok Thapa, PhD has talked on Book Writing process for the faculties of CDLIS. Their experiences and insights were shared in a lively manner. At the same time they wished for the creation of book in coming days as soon as possible from...

Visit to Read Nepal and Patan Museum

2023 May 22 is the sunny day and joyful day for MLISc students of 1st and 3rd semester. Mr. Chin Kaji Shrestha was telling stories of inspirational activities of Read Nepal. The President of Read Nepal Mr. Bhal Kumar Shrestha, and another member Murari Binod Pokharel...