Book Talk Program on the occasion of 15th Library Day

August 23, 2022

On Tuesday, 02/08/2022 Central Department of Library and Information Science, TU organized an Activities series-19 entitled “Book Talk Program” on the occasion of 15th Library Day. Students of the department talk about the books they are reading currently. Kishor Paudel, Shova Sapkota, Arjun NIraula, Sharada Niraula, Sanjeev Singh, Prabina Kayastha, and Shikshya Nepal has given their presentation on the program.
Executive Director of CNAS Mrigendra Bahadur Karki, Ph.D., and President of NLA Indra Prasad Adhikari were invited as guests to encourage our students and provide guidance on the program and they provided their valuable time to the department.
The short introduction to the presenter and the objectives of the program was highlighted by faculty member Lila Nyaichyai. All faculties, staff, and students of the 2nd, and 4th semesters participated in the program.

List of Activities

Huge congratulation to Sarita Gautam and Binod Shrestha

Information Technology and Innovation Center, Tribhuvan University, Kirtipur, organized a three-day workshop and training for the implementation of the integrated website entitled "TU Integrated Website". Participants from CDLIS actively participated in the workshop...

28th Annual Day Celebration

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Brainstorming on Book Writing

Two writers Mr. IP Adhikari and Ashok Thapa, PhD has talked on Book Writing process for the faculties of CDLIS. Their experiences and insights were shared in a lively manner. At the same time they wished for the creation of book in coming days as soon as possible from...

Visit to Read Nepal and Patan Museum

2023 May 22 is the sunny day and joyful day for MLISc students of 1st and 3rd semester. Mr. Chin Kaji Shrestha was telling stories of inspirational activities of Read Nepal. The President of Read Nepal Mr. Bhal Kumar Shrestha, and another member Murari Binod Pokharel...